Virat Kohli, hailed cricket superstar of the decade, is celebrated not just by virtue of his exceptional skills but further for his indomitable commitment to success as a team and delight in the successes of his coworkers. Apart from his batting feats, Kohli is known to celebrate opposition wickets with glee, a quality that both Indian team and the IPL led by skipper Rohit Sharma.

Kohli’s on-field personality makes him a focus point whenever India play, drawing the attention of everyone transiting between stands and also television cameras on the field. His infectious energy, humorous banter with opponents, and extreme passion while celebrating are easy to pick even during hotly-contested matches and they never fail to lift their team’s spirit too. Captain Rohit Sharma of India acts as a partner in crime with Kohli, playing light-hearted pranks and on-field antics.

Rohit Sharma’s Hilarious Mimicry of Kohli’s Celebrations Wows Fans

During Jio Cinema’s BCCI Awards Red Carpet Show, Rohit Sharma displayed his mimicry talent by enacting Virat Kohli’s unique way of celebrating after the team got a wicket. The video of Rohit Sharma going viral with his performance of enacting Kohli on social media platforms has to be seen to believe. Other players like Mayank Agarwal and Ravichandran Ashwin also were encouraged to copy Kohli’s celebration alongside mimicking several cricketing moves by their teammates.

Factually, Kohli skipped the award ceremony on Thursday in Hyderabad where it was announced a day prior that he would miss first two Test matches against England due to personal reasons. The decision was arrived at after consultations with Kohli as well as Rohit Sharma and the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has stated that the matter will remain confidential. The spirit of Kohli also reverberated through stand-in captain Ajinkya Rahane’s conduct as he was seen mimicking his teammates and the bonhomie associated with Indian cricket team members despite his absence.

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