The burgeoning rivalry between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh is fast becoming a highlight on the cricket calendar. The latest episode unfolded during the BAN vs SL 2nd T20I, marking a moment fraught with controversy and heightened emotions.

Defending a modest total of 166, the Sri Lankan team was in urgent need of a breakthrough. Bangladesh’s opening pair had smoothly navigated the first three overs, standing at 28/0. It was at this juncture that Soumya Sarkar’s edge to the wicketkeeper stirred a hornet’s nest. The on-field umpire’s decision to rule him out was quickly contested, escalating tensions on the field as Sarkar opted for a review.

The replay and the subsequent scrutiny under the third umpire’s lens revealed a noise as the ball passed the bat. However, the absence of a visible connection between bat and ball led to the decision being overturned, much to the dismay and visible frustration of the Sri Lankan contingent. The players surrounded the on-field umpires, seeking clarity and venting their displeasure, a sentiment echoed by their head coach, Chris Silverwood, from the sidelines.

WATCH: Sri Lanka fight after controversial caught behind decision with Umpire

Despite the uproar and a prolonged delay, the game resumed, and Sri Lanka eventually dismissed Sarkar for 26. Yet, the controversy cast a long shadow over the match, which concluded with Sri Lanka’s 8-wicket defeat.

In the aftermath, the spotlight turned to Sri Lanka’s assistant coach, Naveed Nawaz, who publicly contested the third umpire’s verdict. He Said:

“The on-field umpire had given him out and I am sure the TV umpire got to have conclusive evidence to overturn the on-field umpire’s decision. We haven’t seen the footage or anything like that but it was clear that there was a spike, we saw it on the big screen and we might have to take it up to the match referee and see what actually happened there. The footage that we have got on our screens were not enough to say anything but I am sure the TV umpire had evidence to overturn the decision.”

“I mean it was a big issue and the first wicket and it could have given us a head start. Obviously, on a track like this any wicket is crucial,”

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