In an awe-inspiring display of speed, Mayank Yadav has etched his name into the annals of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2024 with the season’s fastest delivery, clocking a blistering 156.7 km/h. This extraordinary feat has not only wowed fans and experts alike but has also played a crucial part in the string of victories for the Lucknow Super Giants in the T20 competition.

However, the pacer’s journey to the peak of his performance is underlined by a significant lifestyle change—his transition to a vegetarian diet!

Mayank has just turned vegetarian. Earlier, he used to eat non-veg food. He has been eating vegetarian food for the last 2 years. Whatever he has been asking us to make, based on his diet chart, we would make for him. He wouldn’t eat anything special, dal, roti, rice, milk, veggies, etc.

Mayank’s mother, speaking to Aaj Tak

Mayank’s mother divulged that her son embraced vegetarianism over the past couple of years. This radical dietary shift was spurred by a mix of personal beliefs and health reasons, with Mayank’s growing devotion to Lord Krishna prompting the change, alongside a realization that non-vegetarian food was adversely affecting his body.

He said that non-veg food wasn’t suiting his body much. He told us about two reasons. First was he started to believe in Lord Krishna, that could be one of the reasons too. We didn’t force him to reveal why he quit non-veg food. He said whatever I was doing, was good for his game and his body.

Mayank’s mother, speaking to Aaj Tak

Witnessing her son’s skyrocketing progress, Mayank’s mother holds a confident and hopeful outlook towards his cricketing future. She foresees him donning the Indian jersey and making a remarkable international debut in the near future.

As Mayank continues to wreak havoc on the pitch with his lightning-fast deliveries, cricket pundits are hinting at the exciting prospect of including the vegetarian speedster in India’s squad for the upcoming T20 World Cup 2024. If he continues on this trajectory, Mayank Yadav might just be the fresh gust of wind the Indian pace arsenal needs as it looks to dominate the global cricketing landscape.

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