WI VS BAN: In the recently concluded test series against West Indies, Bangladesh has faced a whitewash by losing both matches. It was two-match test series in West Indies venues. Here Bangladesh lost the first match by seven wickets and then lost the second match by ten wickets. After losing an away series, the Bangladesh skipper stated his disappointment over the loss. He expressed that they need to improve all the departments in their test setup. If you are searching for the best betting sites in India, you are in the ideal place!

And by doing this, there will be some chances they will do well in future matches. Shakib Al Hasan also mentioned that the players need to take responsibility to bring back the test cricket culture in their nation. After losing the second match, Shakib described that players are failing to show character on the field. Players have to showcase tough and competitive character in the field to make the game difficult for the opponents. He addressed that the team had been losing wickets just before the end of sessions.

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And that is where their team was falling into danger. He said that they tended to lose wickets just before any interval like a drinks break, a lunch break, or before the rain. If they did not lose wickets in just this period the game had a different shape. All these things are part of game awareness and sensing the situation. He also admitted that the Bangladesh team was not tough enough to compete against the home team.

WI VS BAN: Shakib Al Hasan Stated His Word After The Lost

WI VS BAN: Shakib Al Hasan Expressed His Regret After Losing Series
WI VS BAN: Shakib Al Hasan Expressed His Regret After Losing Series

“We have a responsibility to bring Test culture back to the country. We have to plan ahead, otherwise, we can’t get too far. I wouldn’t say that we don’t value Test cricket. But we don’t have good results. These two go hand-in-hand.”

Speaking about creating a Test culture in Bangladesh, he said,

About future matches, he said that there is a big gap for their next test series. And test players of their team can use this time to improve themselves in every aspect. But for now, he said that one thing a team can do is to bring a change in the thought process. They need to bring an aggressive mindset to their test cricket. Are you looking for the best betting apps on the go? If yes, read more here.

Winning some home series can bring a positive attitude to a team that they can utilize in the away matches. He also said that the team is lacking a new set of players. There has no such player who can do well immediately after coming to this level. This is due to their poor domestic circuit. There is one thing common in every successful test team and that is their domestic circuit.

India, Australia, and England, the reason behind their test success is a competitive domestic circuit. And that is where Bangladesh needs to work. They have to build a decent domestic setup where young players can showcase and sharpen their skills.

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