WI VS IND: Indian team’s management is getting all the criticism for providing rest to senior players just after one or two series. In this criticism, Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma’s names are coming at first. Both the veteran players are getting continuous rest from cricket. But finally, one of the Indian team’s players comes in front and justifies this process. He is none Shikhar Dhawan, the new stand-in ODI captain of the Indian team. He stated that it is happening to detach the players from mental fatigue. Bet online by checking more new betting sites in India for the upcoming match here on our site.

And he also added that if a player continues to play back-to-back games then it could affect mental health. Shikhar Dhawan also said that a player has to be fresh to give his peak performance. Dhawan further described that management is keep rotating the players. They are doing this so that players get enough rest and do not need to travel everywhere. As per his justification, the players will be giving their top-level performance when they return to the team. This brings a balance between game time and rest.

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“A player has to get fresh to give peak performance. If a player plays back-to-back, he will get mentally tired. It is important to give rest mentally. If you see there is rotation in international cricket so that players get rest. If a player travels everywhere, he will get tired.”

Dhawan told India Today

WI VS IND: Shikhar Dhawan on Current Situation of Team India

WI VS IND: Shikhar Dhawan Brings His Justification About Resting Seniors
WI VS IND: Shikhar Dhawan Brings His Justification About Resting Seniors

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The left-handed batter also added that end of the day every cricketer is a human. And BCCI is doing the rotation so that their cricketers have a rest from their haptic schedule. We are watching the rotation process since the end of IPL 2022. In the first T20I series, Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli both were resting. The series was against South Africa and Ireland.

After that, they return to the England tour and played most of the matches. And then in the ongoing series against West Indies, once again BCCI has given them rest. After this series, there will be an ODI series against Zimbabwe and there also they will not be participating. This would have a justification that players will not participate in the Zimbabwe tour as they will be in Asia Cup 2022 after the tour. The most common names are missing from the squad which will travel to Zimbabwe. And it is expecting the missing names will be entered into the Asia Cup squad.

After that Dhawan talked about Deepak Hooda. Recently, there was a big controversy when team management removed Hooda to make place for Virat. It happened in the England tour when Hooda was in red hot form. But then management removed the player so that they can put Virat Kohli in the line-up. Dhawan said that it is not only about Deepak. It has happened with most of the players and if communication is good with the player then it is fine. He said that there must be some strong reasons to do so. For more cricket betting odds and scheduled matches for the 2022 season, read here.

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